Q. How big is a propane tank?

A. Single family homes are served by various propane tank sizes depending on their annual usage. Tank sizes range from 120 gallons for single appliance usage to a 1000 gallon tank for a very large home with all gas appliances. Most often a 250 or 500 gallon tank is sufficient for an average home.

Q. Can I put my propane tank underground?

A. Yes, Vickery Propane offers underground tanks for customers who qualify based on their usage or special needs. Please contact us to see if you are eligible for the placement of an underground tank..

Q. How much propane will I use in a year?

A. Usage varies depending on the appliance and the amount of people in your home.

Q. Do I have to watch my tank and call for a delivery?

A. Depending on the size of your tank and usage, you may qualify for our Auto Keep Full Service, discounts will apply for our Auto Fill Program.